heirloom inspiration

Isn’t it funny when inspiration decides to hit? Now, most people would assume that would mean something meaningful….like inspiration to workout, or make a difference in the world. You know, something life changing. For me? That means interior decorating, especially interior decorating that involves family heirlooms. Gotta stick with what you’re good at, right?
Yesterday, Miss Amelia and I spent the afternoon with my beautiful Grandmother. At one point, she brought out a giant box full of gorgeous handkerchiefs that have been handed down through the family and I immediately saw a beautiful red and white one. I told her that the colors were exactly what I had in mind for a hard to style brass bed frame that was passed to me from my Great-Aunt and she excused herself for a moment returning with a beautifully handmade red, white and blue quilt. It was perfect – perfect colors and incredibly meaningful. Who doesn’t love family heirlooms?
This project probably won’t be happening for a long, long time – it’s actually at the bottom of my to-do list – but it’s always nice when you have an idea hit you early on so you can be on the look out for things that might work. And given my recent obsession with Polyvore, of course I got right to work on my inspiration.
My current idea is to pair the quilt with stark white sheets, a cozy white down comforter and some bright throw pillows. Add some fun curtains and some simple but bright accessories and I think I have a great start to our spare bedroom/office.
Spare bedroom/Office

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