four months!

You are turning into quite the funny little girl, my little Silly Millie. You fit into our crazy family pretty perfectly.

You have THE BEST facial expressions and I swear you have a new one everyday. You’ve discovered that when you go insta-frowny face where your bottom lip starts quivering you will undoubtedly get snuggles. And of course, I am more than willing to stop what I’m doing and do just that. You are turning into quite the little cuddle bug, too. I hope you stay that way!

Mama had a lot of fun with you this month. You’ve become so much more interactive, playful and talkative. You have a few favorite toys and as long as you have those and your exercise mat you are happy as a clam. We got to celebrate your very first Halloween (mama’s favorite!) this year and even though you didn’t know what was going on, you kept that pretty little smile on your face so I could dress you up in 3 different costumes. What a sport! Check out those cheeks too. Mama got all dressed up one night for a 20’s party and to get into the spirit, you earned the new nickname “Cheeks Malone”. Nobody’s gonna mess with Cheeks Malone.

We’ve been working reeeaaalllly hard on tummy time this month. You still don’t like it, but you’re getting better and you finally rolled over for the first time last night! You had just started tummy time, decided you didn’t want to do it anymore and just flipped over. I was so happy, I was really afraid that I was going to miss it (Papa did miss it, he had just looked away) while I was at work. You should do it again for him today! I’m sure before too long you will be rolling over from your back too. You try so, so hard and just arch your little back, kick your leg over…and get stuck on your side. It’s pretty adorable. Once you start though, I don’t think you will ever stop.

I know that you are going to be sitting on your own before we know it too. You try so hard to be independent and you can balance pretty well for a few seconds before you give up and fall over. I think you like to do that because Mama makes a game out of it and catches you every time. I can’t get over how strong your little legs are. You can stand up from laying down just by grabbing onto my fingers and pulling yourself up. And you are so, so proud of yourself when you do it, too.

I just can’t get enough of that smile! And the cuteness that is this…

I was trying to take a few four-month pictures with my trusty ‘ol iPhone and all you wanted to do was eat the teddy bear and now I think this is my new favorite picture of you. Plus those legs warmers you have on? So. Stinking. Cute.

Well, sweet little girl, we have another exciting month ahead of us full of family, friends and the Holidays. I am so excited to watch you grow more and more. Love you, and I love your squishy little cheeks.



2 thoughts on “four months!

  1. Anna and Sean, I am so happy for you two! Those are great cheeks. I would kiss them all over so please do that for me. Love you all, Cathy


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