birthday wishes

in true new mama fashion, i am arriving terribly late to the birthday wishing station. so late that the train is in a few times zones over by now. those last two sentences do not make any sense, but roll with it. this past saturday was my beautiful mama’s birthday. millie and i stopped by to wish her a happy birthday while my parents were working on the fence line on their property (i swear, my parents are home improvement rockstars) and ate lunch with them before they got back to work.

today is my wonderful dad’s birthday, and i am sure that is he out working his tail off again today. i’m bummed that i won’t be able to see him in person today to wish him a happy birthday, but we will give him a call later and i’m sure we will make up for it this weekend when we celebrate thanksgiving. two birthdays and a holiday all packed into one day with the paulsen family? it’s gonna be epic.

two of my most favorite pictures of some of my most favorite people.

happy birthday to the best parents i could ever imagine! here is to many, many more…



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