six months


My, my how time flies. And what a little sassafras you have become. Just look at that little smirk on your face, I love it. You have changed so much in the past month, it’s hard for me to grasp. More of your personality seems to just pour out of you by the minute! You love talking and are pretty soft-spoken most of the time – blowing raspberries (in fact, your tongue is hanging out all the time) and squeezing mama’s cheeks, but sometimes you just roll around on the floor or play in the exersaucer and squeal like crazy.


This month, you got to celebrate your first Christmas with our families. We even got to spend Christmas morning at home in front of our cute little tree while we tried to get you interested in opening your presents. You would rip the paper a little bit, but that’s about it. I think you just enjoyed watching us makes fools of ourselves. I can’t wait to celebrate our Christmas mornings at home so I can see your excitement as you come down the stairs and see what Santa left. There are so many traditions I remember from growing up and I can’t wait to share them with you, too. I got a little crafty this year and made your Christmas dress. It was a wee bit shabby because I hand sewed it, but it was super cute.



You have been doing so well at sitting up. Unless you are really tired, you are able to sit up without help for quite a while. I’m always near by to catch you if you tumble, but you have become really good at correcting yourself if you start to lean. When you are on your tummy, you really make an effort to move your little legs. You’ve actually been able to army crawl a few times, but you get pretty mad when you can’t move very far. It won’t be long before you are on the move.


You’ve become a little bit anxious around new people, but have also become more interactive with other little kiddos. You just stare at them like you are trying to figure out what the heck they are up to. You do the same to Bailey. B is a little bit afraid of you and she likes to keep her distance most of the time, but she is your big protector if someone different is too close to you.


You’re quite the eater, too. So far, you have had rice cereal, oatmeal (which you love), green beans (which you hate), peas and bananas. I think we will try avocados next. You still have the best cheeks on the block and you love resting your cheek in my hand when I’m rocking you before bed. Melts my heart every time!


Just recently, you have started holding onto your feet when you’re laying down. It’s really funny to watch. It was impossible to get pictures of you today because as soon as I thought you were going to lay still, you would giggle, stick your tongue out and grab your toes. Jokes on you, mama!



Oh, my sweet girl. You make my heart smile so very much. What an awesome 6 months it has been, and the next 6 are going to be even better. We have cousin’s birthdays, St. Patrick’s Day, baseball, warm weather, zoo days, the 4th of July and your 1st birthday to look forward to. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You stay little as long as you want to, my sweet Silly Millie.

And because this might be my new favorite picture of all time, I will leave you with this…


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