kitchen remodel moodboard

Given the current state of my 1970’s era kitchen and the hopeful tax return we should get this year, I can’t help but dream of the possible ways I get to change things up. As any Pinterest addict would, I’ve spent numerous hours browsing through pictures of kitchens and have a pretty good idea what I would like to do. 


Kitchen remodel
Starting on the top left – I would love to change the light above the sink to some sort of pendant light and love look of these mason jar lights. There are even a few DIY tutorials out there that I might try my hand at. Currently, we have laminate butcher block counters and matching backsplash. I would love to have real butcher block countertops, but I am actually alright we what is already there. What I don’t like so much is the matching backsplash, but I would love to change it to a marble subway tile. For flooring, we are currently leaning towards eucalyptus flooring with a very pretty grain that will stand out against the original oak in the living room and dining room. The color is lighter than what is in the picture, but my second choice is a darker flooring with a lot of character – much like what is shown above.  Add a farmhouse style sink, a new faucet, some fun art, some accents of blues, greens, browns and stainless steel and paint the cabinets white and I think we have a winner. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to fit an island like this in the space….


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