seven months

What? 7 months old, already?? Let me tell you, cute girl…you need to slow down on this growing up thing.


You are very quickly turning into the goofiest little thing. I think it’s safe to say that your personality really started to shine this month. You laugh all the time. Like, ALL the time. It is so infectious that you usually have mama and papa joining you pretty quickly. You also love music and dancing so you can imagine the squeals of laughter when Beyonce starting singing during halftime at the Super Bowl. It was priceless and I so wish we would have gotten it on video.


You sit really well unassisted now. In fact, most of the time we can set you down and you will just keep yourself entertained with your toys for quite a while. Every once in a while you start to topple over, but you’re starting to learn to brace yourself with your elbows. You are working so hard on crawling, but you just haven’t quite figured it out yet. You either push up really well with your arms and your legs just go wild, or you manage to get your knees under you and then you face plant. I think you inherited your Mama’s lack of patience because you get so frustrated. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if you just skipped crawling and either start scooting on your bum to get places or go straight to walking. You surprised both of us this weekend when you started standing by yourself for a few seconds before either leaning into me or sitting down. You won’t be stationary for long!


You got your first real stomach flu this past week, and it was a really rough week at our house. You wouldn’t eat much for us and you were pretty sleepy. I was really worried that you were going to get dehydrated, but you rallied and ate like a champ yesterday and seem like you are 100% better today. Pretty soon after you got sick, Mama also got sick and it took me quite awhile to recover. I can only imagine how you were feeling since you are such a tiny little thing! Papa didn’t get it as bad as we did, but he definitely starting feeling it, too.


You’ve been trying more and more food this past month. You are still not so sure about anything green, but the orange colors? Bring. Them. On. Sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peaches…you name ’em and you love ’em. I think this month we are going to start more fruits and meats with you. I’m really curious to see how you like the meats, because you don’t really seem to be a huge fan of textures. We bought some training sippy cups for you, too. That one could be interesting.


You keep changing so, so much. I see so much of your Papa in you – the way you are able to sleep through anything for hours and hours, the way you can just sit contently and watch the world go by, but I also see a lot of myself in you. You get really crabby if you are hungry, hot or tired, you get frustrated if you aren’t able to reach a toy or want to be picked up and we aren’ t getting to you fast enough. It’s pretty amazing to see how you are truly a perfect combination of both of us.

Mama and Papa love you so much, little Silly Millie. You make us so, so happy.




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