purchaser’s paralysis

Purchaser’s paralysis. The perfect definition for me right now. I wasn’t able to pull the trigger to buy new flooring during the 3 week period that it was on sale. Don’t get me wrong – I HATE what is there now and cannot wait to make it a distant memory, I just have a really hard time spending that much money.

I was so, so close. I was online. I added all 140 square feet to the cart. I almost entered my payment information, but first I wanted to clarify what we needed. I pulled up the online chat feature and typed out my questions. What kind of underlayment do they recommend? What tools will we need? Was I correct in thinking that we could just lay down the foam and the flooring over the 70’s and make it an embarassing part of DIY history?

Short and sweet, the verdict was no. NO. A big fat, “you’re doing it wrong!”, no. In order to install the new flooring, we have to tear everything out and install over the subfloor. Which, ok, yes I suppose I should have realized that, but wishful thinking got the best of me.

I’m not sure why that was the deciding factor to not order the flooring yesterday. We still have to replace it. I still want to do it before Amelia starts crawling. It was on sale, so it should have been a no-brainer. Oh well. Live and learn…there’s always next time, right?



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