i believe…

i believe

photo taken by myself in Ireland in 2011

I believe that baby smiles are better than caffeine any day.

I believe that chocolate is appropriate for every single meal.

I believe there is Heaven on Earth. And it is located on a little island called Ireland, with a Guinness in one hand and Beshoff Brothers takeaway in the other.

I believe there is a sickness spreading like wildfire that has replaced sexy curves with tiny stick figures as the perfect woman.

I believe you can never have enough shoes or scarves.

I believe everyone has a calling, and the real journey in life is finding your way to it.

I believe that 6 packs are always sexy if they fit in a beer fridge and are rarely sexy on a woman.

I believe that open windows, warm summer air and country music are a special kind of awesome.

I believe that husbands are the most wonderful yet aggravating things that wives get to experience.

I believe that pickles are the best served in a giant heap on the lid in front of the tv.

I believe that this crazy new obsession with running is one of the most mind-boggling things I have ever witnessed.

I believe that mom wars need to stop…all babies are awesome and amazing. Period.

I believe that heated seats are one of the best inventions ever.

I believe that you should find something to celebrate everyday. Like giant pancakes.

I believe that winter has over stayed its welcome.


What do you believe?


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