all i see is green

What can I say? We’ve been busy. Busy, busy. busy. Busy at work, busy with Cheeks Malone, and busy working on an awesome new project that I swear I will tell you about soon. It doesn’t matter if I have a day off of work, I always have this to-do list that scrolls through my head all day, every day. I’m starting to wear myself out, so I decided that since I had the day off of work today I was going to take it easy. I played with Cheeks a lot, I took a nap, I drank hot tea, and I caught up on some shows. It was heaven. Pure heaven.

I also took a few St. Patrick’s Day pictures with Cheeks. She wasn’t very into it today, she was way more interested in that strange long green thing and tossing her little Irish dancer doll Fiona around. I think teething is getting the better part of her, but she’s too damn cute not to share. Hope everyone is having a good week!






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