The past few days – or weeks – have been filled with lots of baby snuggles, living room dance parties, antiquing and projects around the house. We’ve been busy! This week, I had a few days off and since I am still in project overdrive mode I decided to make the best of nap times to get a few things done. Cheeks is getting closer and closer to being mobile so I’ve been spending a lot of time on her level to see what she could get into. How about this for a huge curious little hands problem…

bar before

Giant bottles of booze within easy reach? What could be the problem with that? While hunting through some local antique stores, I came across this awesome dresser (Bathing cabinet? Wash dresser? Does anyone know what the proper name for this is?) and thought it would be perfect to use as a bar. It gets the booze out of sight (we still need to put child locks on the doors) and has plenty of room on top for my knick knacks. The extra drawer will be perfect for my table linens and silver. Best $45 I’ve ever spent? I think so!!





Once she is standing and actively pulling on things, I will scale back what is on top of this as well. We’re still a little ways off from that though. I also did a little paint project and started re-upholstering an ottoman and I will do some recaps of those when they are all done. This living room will come together, if it’s the last thing I do! Next on my list in the case of the itchy home improvement fingers: tearing down this wallpaper…


Please ignore the dirty sink….



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