9 months!

And just like that, we are past 9 months…


I swear, you get funnier by the minute little girl. You’re a total ham and love to be the center of attention. In fact, one morning when we were at breakfast with a bunch of friends, I’m pretty sure you had the entire room in the palm of your tiny little hand. You are starting to get a little bit of the “stranger danger”, and I am quite ok with that. The next time some random person in a store gets in your face, you have mama’s permission to scream. 🙂


This past month, we hit one of the best milestones yet. It was by far my favorite, although I might be a wee bit biased on this one. You started saying “mamamamama” all the time and it is probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen. One night, I was trying to get a video of you dancing (you still dance all.the.time), and as soon as I turned the camera on, you yelled “Mom!”. Absolutely priceless. Now I suppose I’d better get you to say “dada”…


This month you also started clapping, waving bye and raising your arms to the sky when I say “touchdown!”. It’s really freaking adorable. I’ve been working on baby sign with you and while you don’t do any of them yet, I think you know what they mean. When I sign “more” when you are eating, you will laugh and lean forward with your mouth open. You are so, so smart!


You aren’t officially mobile yet, but you have become a pro at pushing yourself backwards across the floor. Most of the time you get mad because it usually not exactly what you meant to do, but a few times you look so amazed that you are moving. You have started lunging forward when you are sitting and are learning to swing your legs behind you so you end up on your belly. You would much rather be standing than doing anything else, too. When you sit on my lap, you pull yourself up on the coffee table and just bounce and bounce. It won’t be long before you are everywhere!


We had a few other firsts (or near firsts) this month also. We celebrated your first Easter and it was just warm enough that we could go outside and explore and Papa and Oma’s house. I can’t wait until this summer when we can go out and explore all day!




It’s been a really chilly spring so far, but there were a few days where the weather let up on us a little bit so we took advantage a few of those days and went for walks and went to the zoo. You’d been to the zoo last summer, but you were too little you slept the whole way through. You LOVED the aquarium, just like your Dad. I have a feeling you two will spend hours in there in the future!


I can’t wait for this weather to warm up so we can spend more time outside. We have a fun month coming up, too. Your cousin Kellan’s birthday, a new cousin on the way, your aunt Jeni’s graduation and many other things I’m probably forgetting. Love you to the moon, sweet girl!



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