decisions, decisions…

Oh, the great DIY mistake of 2013. That’s what I now call my terrible choice to tear up the kitchen floor. We’ve missed a sale on the flooring we wanted 4 times now, and I decided that was a sign that we just weren’t supposed to have that flooring. Back to the drawing board – which was terribly uneasy since we have a date set up with friends to help us do the install…next weekend…

I started looking again and found a different one that caught my eye.It met the criteria – cheap, pretty, easy to install. I looked at it multiple times and it just kept growing on me. After a few days of looking at it, I decided that I liked it even better than that first one we have been eyeing. And just like that, a decision was made, a check was written and the flooring was ordered.

Now, let’s just hope that it comes in by next weekend so we can actually install it like we originally planned….



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