a little side project

I may or may not have started another project that may or may not have been the result of a drunken night of debauchery. Let me clarify…
Our flooring didn’t arrive in time to install it this past weekend. Actually, we received an email early Saturday morning saying that it was “in transit” and then got the official “it’s in” call on Monday morning. Too little too late? Me thinks so. Anyways, since we had the whole weekend off together (which, might I add, is the first time that has happened in a long, long, long time), we decided to make the most of it and have some friends over for a cookout and games. Pretty soon, a cookout and games turned into a music cranked, inappropriate game playing, beer drinking kind of night. You know, the best kind of spontaneous night around.
During the night, my friend Jocelyn and I got to talking about my tiny little half bath and how we couldn’t wait to rip down the wall paper and give the room a facelift. Of course, once that seed was planted…there was no turning back. I spent all day Monday and Tuesday at work with itchy fingers – I couldn’t wait to get to started. Bright and early Wednesday morning, I got to work pulling, cursing, and  ramming my elbows into the walls behind me as I tried to demolish that wall paper. This bathroom is by far the tiniest room ever. I may have underestimated that before I started this “little” project. That, and how much of a pain in the a** it is to remove wall paper. So – 2 full days later, I went through an entire bottle of DIF, I have 2 very sore arms and a kink in my neck that may never go away and half of a bathroom’s worth of wall paper left to tear up. Positive thoughts, Anna…must remember positive thoughts…
Anyways, here is a picture of what the bathroom looked like shortly after my itchy fingers got to work…
  Awesome, right? See that tiny little blob in the middle? That, my friend, is just one of the many hidden jewels in our house. Here is a closer look-
I have no idea what that is or why it is there. Anyone? As my husband said, our bathroom has a tramp stamp. Priceless. Anyways, here is a general idea of what I want to do with this bathroom. Since it is so tiny, I want to keep it very light (either paint it white or one of the light blues that we currently have), and keep the accessories to a minimum. I plan to keep the current mirror, but frame it myself. I want to change out the light to something more industrial and incorporate wire baskets and simple shelves for extra towels, soaps, etc. I would also really like to try to make a towel rack out of plumbing pipes, also. Obviously, I have no idea what I am doing given my super accurate descriptions. “Plumbing pipes”, come on Grant get it together. Somewhere, HGTV is cringing. Unless I’m right. Then BOOYAHH!
Half bath facelift

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