10 months!


It’s hard to believe that you are already 10 months old! It really seems like not that long ago we were up to our ears in dust as we tore apart your soon to be room to get ready for you to arrive. Maybe it just seems familiar because I’ve been a little ambitious and started a few more remodel projects that I originally intended. You aren’t completely mobile yet, so I figure the more projects I can get done now, the better.


You aren’t fully crawling yet – you have mastered pushing yourself backwards and are getting the hang of army crawling, but you would much rather be on your feet cruising along furniture than wasting your time crawling. I have a feeling you are just going to skip that whole crawling business and go straight to running. Maybe you’ll be a track runner like your mama, but we’ll let you decide what you want to do when we get there.


You still eat like a champ, the only thing we have a hard time getting you to eat is baby food meat. I can’t say that I blame you, those smell pretty darn horrible to me. You will eat hamburger and other meats when we make them, and we plan to transition you to as much “normal” food as we can. We still can’t feed you some things because your little teeth haven’t come in yet, and that surprises me. I thought for sure you would have had at least one by now after a few weeks of chewing, drooling and some fussiness, but that little white spot that popped up has totally disappeared now. We don’t mind though, we’ve heard that is actually better for your little chompers to come in later and we love your little toothless smile.


Speaking of smiles, you smile and laugh all the time. Like, ALL the time. We spend all day laughing and talking. You never cry unless you are really tired or really hungry. Otherwise, you are pretty easy to read what you need. Easiest baby in the whole world, I tell ya.


The weather finally warmed up enough that we were able to spend some time outside. You loved it. We went to the zoo, took walks in our neighborhood and spread out blankets to explore in the backyard. I can’t wait until we get to go to the pool and play in the sprinklers this summer!


This past month we celebrated your cousin Kellan’s 1st birthday, your Aunt Jeni’s college graduation and the arrival of your new cousin Daniel. You were a party animal! We have even more partying to do over the next few months, too. Memorial Day, the College World Series, family visiting, the Fourth of July and your Birthday!! It’s going to be an exciting summer, sweet cheeks.



We love you to the moon, little girl. You make us happier every single day 🙂




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