Long time, no talk! Or type. Or…whatever. What have we been up to lately? Oh, you know. Putting in new a kitchen floor…FINALLY!!!

kitchenI am in love. I know I’m a total geek, but I think the grain in this is so pretty. As a reminder to the tragedy that was there before, please refer back to this post.  Please ignore the messy counters and old school cabinets. Those will also be getting a face lift soon. Sorry, Sean – I know how much you love all of these projects I keep starting. 🙂

It took awhile to get the hang of how to install the flooring, but after we worked out our little assembly line, it went pretty dang quick. Our fabulous friends Brian, Jocelyn and Katie came to help on Saturday (well, it was mostly the boys doing the work while the girls watched, took an extended Zumba break, played with Amelia and drank a few brews), and then Laura came to give us a hand on Sunday. The biggest snag we ran into was not ordering enough after we underestimated our square footage. Let’s just say that we are not the best at math. A quick check of Lumber Liquidators’ website revealed that the central warehouse was out (great!) and after a few phone calls to the local stores we found out that the closest store that had this flooring was in Minnesota. Fanfreakingtastic. $200 later, we were forced to stop for the weekend with about 3/4 of a tiny hallway unfinished while we waited for our rush order.

The best part? Watching Amelia crawl (that’s right – CRAWL!!) all over the kitchen and not be freaked out about the ancient vinyl. The worst part? The fridge that has taken up residence in our living room. Which wouldn’t be all that bad if my inner OCD wouldn’t be freaking out about all of the clutter. Ahh…ya win some, ya lose some.

We’ve also had this little side project going on:

bathroomRemember when I decided to do a spur of the moment facelift on our half bath? Yeah, that’s still a work in progress. I am happy to report that the wall paper is down, all of the walls were repaired, the painting is done (minus a few touch ups I will need to do once we replace the light) and the window had a little touch up of its own. Do you know how much painting a teeny tiny bathroom sucks? No? Take my word for it, it does. I’m bruised in places I didn’t know I could bruise and I pretty much kidney punched myself standing up into that teeny tiny little sink. Hey, no one said I was graceful. The color ended up a bit more blue that I originally wanted, but anything is an improvement from what it was before. Plus, we can always repaint later. Right, Sean?

So let’s see here, what’s left…

1. Clean tile and grout.

2. Deep clean the toilet, sink and pipes (Old things like that gross me out)

3. Purchase and install new light

4. Install new towel rack and toilet paper holder (technical term, I’m sure)

5. Frame mirror

6. Buy accessories (my favorite part!)

All in all, not much left! My plan was to have it finished by Amelia’s birthday party, which is in a little over a month. I think we’ve even got time to spare!



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