happy birthday, sweet cheeks


(This sweet little thing spent her birthday with a bit of a fever and was having none of our little birthday photo shoot. I was more than happy to put the camera away and give her some much needed snuggles)

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive, that is youer than you! ~ Dr. Seuss


Some how, some way an entire year has flashed before our eyes and my sweet baby girl with the best cheeks around is 1 year old today. How exactly did that happen? This time last year, we were surrounded by family and friends in our tiny, ridiculously hot hospital room soaking in the wonder that was you. A year later, you are exactly like you were the moment you decided you were ready to come out, wonderfully adorable and always in a hurry.

PicMonkey Collage

After you went to bed last night, I got busy wrapping your presents with festive paper and glittery bows and working on making your birthday chalkboard wall perfect. Not because you will know the difference if your presents are wrapped or the letters on the wall are even, but because I want to make sure your birthdays and our celebrations are perfect and something for you to look forward to. Because I do, very much.


You have changed so much over the past year, but yet you are exactly the same as I remember you being the day you were born. An amazing sleeper with a rock star appetite that has the most amazing smile in the entire world. Your papa says you get your smile from me, but I think that it is all from him. When you are truly happy and excited about something, the corner of your eyes scrunch up and you get the same “smiley eyes” that your papa has. Gets me every time.

Swing excitement

Boy, did you save the best for last this past month. I was beginning to think you weren’t going to walk before your birthday, but I was so wrong. You took your first steps on the 4th of July, and have been more adventurous since then. You walk/drag/throw your walker pretty much everywhere and the second you are in the pool, all you want to do is stand. You stand straight up, look at me with complete amazement and stumble over to give me a gigantic wet hug only to sit down and do the whole thing over again. And man, I could sit there for hours watching you. Makes my heart smile.


You are talking and babbling more and more, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say later on. I know that you are going to have story after story after story. You now have 2 tiny little teeth on the bottom and I think there are at least 2 more on their way up. This teething stuff is all business, but you handle it like the rockstar you are. You get a little bit fussy and you go down at night just a little bit harder than normal, but that’s just about it. Other than those few things, you are your normal goofy, sassy self!

sassy pants

I can’t believe what a little adventurer you are turning into, either. Your Mama and Papa might have a heart attack one of these days. From climbing flights of stairs out of nowhere to trying to hang from a table or the stair railing to climbing all over everything – there isn’t much you aren’t scared to do. Even petting a horse for the very first time. You were so, so excited. Your excitement makes us excited. We see the world in a whole new way. Seeing everything through your eyes is like rediscovering things all over again. It is amazing. You are amazing, little one.


You are so, so independent. You always want to do things yourself, play by yourself or read book by yourself. Every so often, ¬†you crawl over to me when I am sitting on the couch, pull yourself up and reach up towards me as if to say “lift me up, mama!”. I pick you up, and you cuddle back against me for the briefest moment before scooting back down off of the couch and finding something else to get into. It is such a fleeting moment, but one that I saver with every breath.


This past year has been probably the best year of our entire lives. We can’t imagine life without you, and we can’t wait to see what the next year has in store. Love you to the moon, my sweet Millie!

birthday girl


2 thoughts on “happy birthday, sweet cheeks

  1. Millie – the stork couldn’t have dropped you in a better family. You have brought more love and joy to your mama and papa than you will ever know. Happy Happy birthday. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings– you will continue to brighten the world.


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