worst fear realized

Well, it happened. I always feared this would happen, but it actually did and I actually still feel sick about it. What started off as an innocent easy task of picking up some dog food off of the floor ended with me screaming, squealing and running as fast as I could for the stairs. Everyone….there is a snake in my basement.

Some of you might remember this post about my nightmares about going into labor because I saw a snake. Anyone that knows me knows that I have a crazy irrational fear of snakes. In my mind, it’s probably the thing that I am most irrational about (although my husband may disagree with that). Regardless…snakes suck.

The other night, I was cleaning up after Bailey and after grabbing a few handfuls of dog food off of the floor that she had shoved out of the kennel , I felt something crunchy in my hand. I looked down, immediately got the chills, simultaneously screamed and squealed and darted for the stairs. THERE WAS A SNAKE SKIN. IN MY BASEMENT. WHERE WE LIVE. AND WATCH TV. AND DO LAUNDRY. I mean, REALLY????

Now yes, I realize that this does not necessarily mean that there is still a snake in my basement…but there was at some point and that is enough to make me want to burn. it. down. And chances are that it is probably still down here (because OF COURSE our computer lives in the basement) and I just don’t know how to wrap my head around that. Literally one of my worst fears. Top 3 at least.

So, after a mild panic attack and a night full of the heebie jeebies and chills, I’m trying to figure out a line of attack. A full on assault against the slithering little devil that has taken up residence in my house. My awesome Dad gave me some good tips on what to do to prevent it from happening again. Anyone have any tips on how to find it/catch it?


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