the “mama and millie cave”

I tell you what…my husband has to be the most tolerant person on the planet to put up with my crazy house renovation ideas that have been swirling through my head these past few months. We hadn’t even finished ripping up the flooring in the kitchen before I decided to start on the face lift of our half bath (I still need to do a post on this – it’s mostly done!) and the paint wasn’t even dry on the bathroom before I started plotting my next line of attack. On this:

(please excuse the blurry iphone photo. and the mess)

The majority of what is in this room is just random crap, pretty much. Boxes of stuff that have just traveled room to room after we moved in, an over flow of clothes and shoes, this gigantic bed, and a ton of unorganized crafting stuff. My original thought was to just keep this a spare bedroom. Now, with Amelia growing so quickly I am already thinking ahead to her next bed. Her crib is not a convertible crib so this bed will most likely be hers once she grows out of the crib. My plan is just to put the mattress on the ground until she is old enough/big enough to have the frame…but that is a worry for another day. My new thought for this room is a craft room/office/play room. Otherwise known as the “Mama and Millie Cave”!

Obviously, this is still in the way beginning of the project. Like, barely even a twinkle in my eye beginning. I call this part – Operation Throw Crap Away. I have always been a bit of a pack rat (ok, maybe more than a bit. I’m sure my parents have pretty fond memories of my closets stacked full of boxes/bags/randomness), but I’m pretty sure that Sean is just as bad as me. If not worse. Once we get the stuff cleared out of here, there isn’t much that needs to be done that isn’t cosmetic. Tear down the Noah’s Ark border, a fresh coat of bright white paint on everything, some bright curtains, a desk, workstation and Millie’s corner of toys, books and bright squishy floor cushions. That’s about it…fresh, clean, bright accents in an inviting space. Ahhh! I’m pretty excited about this! Here is an idea what I have in mind. It’s not exact, but it’s a pretty good reference:

Mama cave


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