nose to the grindstone

Well hello there, it’s been quite a long time since I last checked in with you all!  What can I say, besides life is busy. Busy with work, busy chasing a toddler, busy avoiding the snake infested basement where our computer lives. 12 hour work days followed by days off filled with cleaning, playing and enjoying life. What’s been happening with us lately? Oh, the usual. An adorable rambunctious little girl to tickle, pumpkin goodies to eat and Halloween decorations taking over my house. We’ve had some great days at the zoo, play dates in the park and even a blessing for Cheeks at our house…but I’ll get to those in another post.

Lately, I’ve been struggling to find happiness in my professional life. Being away from my husband and daughter for such long hours has been very, very hard on me. Sometimes, I’m lucky to have 4 days off with my husband a month. A MONTH. Sometimes if I work a few days in a row, I won’t see Amelia for so long that my heart aches. Sean will send me a picture while I am at work and it looks as though she is 15 months going on 5 years. I know that every career has its ups and downs. I work long days, weekends and holidays,  but I also have 4 days off a week. Teachers have lesson plans, papers to grade and conferences to attend, but they also have summers off. I find myself comparing one career to another and I need to stop. As they say, the grass isn’t always greener…

I have been working hard trying to find a balance between my personal and professional life. I am most definitely the happiest when I am being creative (aside from spending time with my family and friends), so I put some of my craftiness to use at work and decorated our department. I’ve been working on more DIY projects at home and have started working on a space dedicated to creating. I try to set aside some time every day solely for creating. Even if it is as simple and silly (and cliché) as Instagramming a picture, those few moments where I can get that great picture of Amelia make me happy.

 Along with those simple little things, I have started doing some photography for friends and I enjoy it so much that I am considering taking on a few clients in my spare time. I obviously have a lot to learn about photography, but even the thought of learning it excites me. I have also started working on the plans to a project that I hold very dear to my heart, and if it all goes as planned it is something that could change everything. There is just something so fantastic about seeing and creating something so beautiful that lights a fire in me, and that kind of excitement has been lost for quite a long time. Slowly but surely, I will find balance. Life is what you make of it, and I have grand plans to make it as fabulous as I can.


One thought on “nose to the grindstone

  1. No matter where your work or our hectic schedule takes you Amelia and I will always be here. We’re willing to wait for the good things in life, like you.


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