an afternoon with the fishes

As Amelia keeps growing and becoming more independent, it is so fun to watch her explore something new. She keeps the most serious expression on her face as she takes in what’s around her, and then points to something and kind of grunts at us as if to say “what the heck is that?”. I’ve always heard that having a child opens up your eyes to things in a whole new way as if  you’re discovering them again for the first time…and it is so, so true. I could watch her for hours as she stares out the window at the trees or laughs as a squirrel runs through the yard. It is truly good for the soul, in every way possible.

One afternoon a few weeks ago, we decided to head to the zoo for a little while. Since we live pretty close by, we don’t have to plan for a full day with a toddler away from home so we hopped in the car and were there within 10 minutes. We’ve taken Millie to the zoo many times before, but this time was the first time she’s really been able to explore. We went in the late afternoon and the crowd was starting to wind down. Minus a few very friendly little boys that followed Millie around trying to kiss her, we basically had free run of the aquarium. Absolutely priceless to see her little inquisitive face.

IMG_2464 IMG_2466 IMG_2470 IMG_2472 IMG_2480 IMG_2483 IMG_2485 IMG_2488 IMG_2489 IMG_2492 IMG_2495 IMG_2498


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