baby evelyn: 3 months

Sometimes, nap time is good for catching up on housework or your Hulu queue. Sometimes, it is perfect for a good chat with great friend and getting some pretty darn cute pictures of one of Millie’s partners’ in crime. I’ve been taking monthly pictures of Evelyn, and this month didn’t disappoint! We started off with a fun Halloween background, then decided to take a few with a green backdrop to coordinate with the cute monthly stickers she had. I wasn’t feeling the green, so we switched to the soft pink, which turned out great. My all time favorite though, is a candid I took when we were done with our little model and just sitting around talking. Talk about a mama’s love. Perfection. Absolute perfection.

IMG_2617 IMG_2665 IMG_2676-001 IMG_2689 IMG_2700-001 IMG_2720-001 IMG_2722



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