pumpkin patch

Like most other cliché pumpkin spice – blooded women, I am obsessed with fall. If I could live somewhere that is perpetually 50-60 degrees with beautiful colored leaves where I can wear cozy sweaters, scarves, leggings and boots…I would be a very happy girl. In my defense, I have always been a fall girl with a born obsession with Halloween. My birthday is the 30th, so naturally this season fits me perfectly. This fall has been even more perfect than I could have imagined. Amelia is at the best age – she is so curious of her surroundings, explores everywhere and LOVES being outside. We take little nature walks around our neighborhood and she could spend hours sitting on the swing set in our backyard. Watching her take everything in just fills my heart.

By some miracle, Sean and I both had yesterday off and we wanted to take Amelia to our local pumpkin patch to soak in everything fall and Halloween. It was the perfect afternoon for it, a little chilly with the wind but it wasn’t very busy so we could take our time and let her wander without annoying anyone. She goes from being so, so serious to awestruck to pure joy so quickly. There is nothing better than seeing things through a childs eyes. Truly amazing.

IMG_3377-001 IMG_3385-001 IMG_3407-001 IMG_3420-001 IMG_3436-001 IMG_3447 IMG_3453 IMG_3455 IMG_3471 IMG_3478 IMG_3483 IMG_3484

She does this awesome evil maniacal laugh when she is really excited about something, which is what she is doing in the picture on the horse and in the chair. Absolutely hilarious!


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