a very merry christmas

Merry Christmas, a wee bit late! I hope this finds all of you recovering from this week in a haze of flying wrapping paper and sugar cookies! We had quite the week at our house full of goodies, presents and snuggle time. I had to work Christmas Eve, but we were able to spend Christmas and most of the rest of the week together which was awesome. Much of our time off together included sweatpants, movie marathons and awesomely bad for you food, but it was perfect. Although, the extra jiggle and now-too-tight pants might disagree with me on that one.

Our Christmas Eve plans fell through at the very last-minute, which was a little bit disappointing. We didn’t have any food in the house, Millie had the cutest dress to wear for the night and we were really looking forward to seeing family. But, we decided that we would make the best of our quiet night at home with some take-out and Sean’s favorite Christmas movie of all time…Die Hard. I actually loved the peaceful night at home, I think that next time I will make sure to have some sort of food planned. Unfortunately nothing was open and the Arby’s – that took over a half an hour in the drive-thru – just wasn’t my idea of a great meal. We let Millie stay up past her bedtime snuggling and then got to work helping Santa set up her gifts when she decided it was time for bed.  I’m thinking this might be a new tradition for us!

Our plan for Christmas was pretty laid back. We all woke up pretty early, opened our gifts at home, then packed up the car to head to Oma and Papa’s house where we spent the day opening more gifts and eating. So, so much eating. We all left stuffed and happy. On our way home, we stopped by Sean’s parent’s house to say hello. Little Miss No Nap Ninja went straight to bed when we arrived, so we were able to visit a little bit before bundling her up and taking her home. All of the excitement and Christmas cheer wore her out, she didn’t wake up until 1pm the next day. Party animal, I tell ya! Here are a few snapshots from my phone:



imageMy mom helped me make this awesome tent. I wanted to get her a teepee, but some of those price tags gave me a heart attack. After many, many terrible failed DIY attempts, we decided to give an a-frame a go. It took a little while, but my mom (being the rock star that she is) sewed this together and it looks amazing! Millie is in love.  image_1I couldn’t pass up buying this Amelia Earhart hat when I saw it! image_2So completely in love with this dinosaur. She just rolled back and forth, laughing like crazy. Present of the year, for sure! photo 1Millie’s new BFF. All she wanted to do was sit on Aunt Lindsey’s lap all day, it was so cute! photo 2A little late night snack surrounded by her new toys.  photo 3Sitting in her box. Ready for an adventure.



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