Last September, my husband and I moved into our very first house. We love that this house is unique and charming even though parts are in need of a bit of a makeover. Being on a budget, we really like the idea of refinishing things on our own and finding cheap and easy ways to decorate and furnish that fits our style. This has not always been the easiest job for us because neither of us really know what we are doing and it is so frustrating when things don’t turn out quite the way you wanted. With some pretty handy family members and friends as a resource, we’ve done a pretty good job so far but we have a long way to go. Check back often – as we continue with projects around the house, I will put links to them here as a quick reference for anyone who is interested. Thanks for taking a peek!

Living Room-under construction

I don’t have a real before picture of the living room. I was in too much of a hurry to get rid of the disgusting yellow walls to take one before they were painted. What I love about this before picture is being able to see that super awesome red shag carpeting being ripped to shreds as those beautiful hardwood floors are revealed. This is our current project, check back for more details!


When we first moved in, this room became our “catch-all” room. You know… one of those rooms where every random thing you have ever owned and have no idea what to do with ends up. Kind of like the Island of Misfit Toys. Nothing against the pea green walls and denim curtains that were so generously left by the previous owners…but this room didn’t really scream my style. It quickly moved to the top of our project list when we found out we were expecting and I’m pretty happy with the finished product.

Head on over here to see the finished room!



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